The Turn Around Aging Conference showcases scientifically proven therapies and technologies for preventive healthcare: a must-attend for doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives in the longevity industry.
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On June 29th, 2023, Turn Around Aging gGmbH hosted an exclusive dinner event at a grand apartment in the heart of Munich's Schwabing district. The evening was marked with warmth, enthusiasm, and a deep-rooted commitment to longevity and preventive healthcare.

Turn Around Aging, co-founded by Angela Dienst, Johannes von Mallinckrodt, and Quintus Dienst, aims to establish a curated platform for doctors, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors in the longevity sector. On this remarkable night, the co-founders welcomed 35 illustrious guests, including renowned doctors, enterprising business leaders, and forward-thinking investors, to celebrate the foundation of the organization and share insights about the exciting field of longevity.

The event started with a welcoming speech by Johannes von Mallinckrodt, who eloquently spoke about his passion for longevity and his firm belief in preventive healthcare as the path of the future. The intimate setting was his parents' home, where his father, a cosmetic surgeon, had inspired him to engage deeply with health and longevity from an early age.

Angela Dienst then took center stage, sharing her personal story of growing up in a family where organic food was the norm and pharmaceutical medicines were a rarity. As a Montessori teacher and a mother, she stressed the importance of beginning DNA and blood tests early in life for a comprehensive health overview. She shared her son Alfie's experience with Celiac disease, which further inspired her journey into preventive healthcare. Angela also introduced her mother, who specially curated the menu for the evening, creating a deeper sense of community.

Closing the speeches, Quintus Dienst delved into his long-standing interest in health, his journey with Microsoft and Alibaba, and the quest for a meaningful life that led him to Cellgym, a company providing a simple yet effective way to help millions. He addressed the importance of a robust network, an insight gained from Cellgym's past challenges, and how Turn Around Aging embodies this community-driven approach.

Quintus also teased the audience with introductions to two upcoming speakers for their inaugural conference in March 2024 - a much-anticipated event that promises to be a hotspot for knowledge transfer, community building, partnerships promotion, and innovation driving in the longevity field.

As the evening progressed, guests enjoyed a "flying dinner," facilitating vibrant conversation and connection between the attendees. Discussions were rich, engaging, and highlighted by expert talks on the fascinating and future-oriented topic of longevity.

The event served as an ideal platform for each guest to explore various ways to engage with Turn Around Aging, including donations, providing resources, forming partnerships, and participating in their March conference.

In summary, the community dinner event was a beautiful celebration of the founding of Turn Around Aging GmbH. It set the tone for the kind of community this organization aims to build - one that is committed, connected, and deeply engaged in advancing longevity and preventive healthcare. We look forward to more such events in the future

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