The Turn Around Aging Conference showcases scientifically proven therapies and technologies for preventive healthcare: a must-attend for doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives in the longevity industry.
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We are thrilled to announce our inaugural Turn Around Aging conference, scheduled for March 8th and 9th, 2024, at the renowned Künstlerhaus in Munich. Our conference is designed to achieve several critical objectives:

  • Knowledge Transfer: We aim to provide participants with in-depth insights into the latest advancements in the longevity field, presenting practical and scientifically validated offerings currently being used successfully.
  • Community Building: By bringing together experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from the longevity sector, we seek to build a robust community that shares a commitment to advancing the science of longevity.
  • Promotion of Partnerships: We view our conference as an ideal setting for fostering valuable partnerships and encouraging the exchange of ideas and resources among leading figures in the field.
  • Driving Innovation: Our aspiration is to accelerate progress in the longevity industry and enhance its impact on healthcare and society as a whole.

We envision a carefully hand-selected audience of around 250 individuals, primarily from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The conference will feature various formats, including keynote speeches, presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, followed by dinners.

We look forward to providing an engaging, insightful, and productive conference for all attendees, fostering dialogue and connection in the longevity field. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Turn Around Aging Conference!

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