Dr. Irmi Huber


Cultivating Longevity: Diagnostics and Tailored Interventions

Meet Dr. Irmi Huber, a visionary in the realm of longevity and a co-founder of Neotes. With a deep-rooted commitment to a lifestyle embracing sports, healthy nutrition, and meditation, Dr. Huber has dedicated her life to aging gracefully. Her impressive career spans over three decades in healthcare, including education at Harvard Medical School and founding several longevity-focused start-ups. Dr. Huber's journey, inspired by her time in Florida, has made longevity a forefront concept in Germany. With over 25 years of experience in innovative treatments, she offers a unique perspective as she approaches her 61st birthday.

Dr. Christian Burghardt


Unlocking the Longevity Code: The Micronutrient Revolution for a Healthier, Longer Life

Dr. Christian Burghardt is a pioneering general practitioner and expert in burn-out diagnostics based in Munich. With his company MITOCare, he delves deep into the interplay of essential micronutrients and their significant role in achieving optimal health and longevity. Dr. Burghardt goes beyond mainstream nutritional advice to explore the power of amino acids, nucleotides, and dormant gene activation. Notably, his work unveils exciting possibilities for extending human lifespan through targeted science and technology. If you're interested in unraveling the secrets to a healthier, more vibrant, and longer life, Dr. Burghardt's insights are not to be missed.

Claudia von Boeselager



Meet our Peak Performance & Longevity Coach, a powerhouse in entrepreneurship, health optimization, and biohacking. After a career in Investment Banking and tech startups, she found her calling in elevating people's lives. Armed with degrees from Trinity College and ESCP Europe, she uses science-backed methods to turn stress into success. Whether it's mindfulness techniques or biohacking secrets, she’s your go-to expert for living a balanced life in a high-speed world. A mentor to female leaders, a podcast host, and a loving mother, she embodies the harmony of professional and personal wellness.

Dr. Dominik Pförringer


Digitizing Longevity: How Digital Health Solutions are Paving the Way for Mass Lifespan Extension

Dr. Dominik Pförringer is a Munich-based Orthopedic Surgeon who wears multiple hats. With an MBA from INSEAD, he's also a health care consultant and a force for digital transformation in medicine. He co-founded the Digital Health Summit and mentors start-ups while advising PE and VC funds. As an educator, he offers digital-focused courses for doctors and medical students. Join him as he explores the intersection of orthopedics, innovation, and digital health at our Longevity Conference. Expect cutting-edge insights on eHealth, life sciences, and the future of health care.

Prof. Arndt Rolfs


The Future is Now: Harnessing Multiomics for Disease Prediction and Prevention

Meet Prof. Dr. Arndt Rolfs, a luminary in healthcare innovation and a vanguard in rare disease research. A professor at the University of Rostock, he is also a seasoned biotech entrepreneur, founding arcensus and CENTOGENE. Currently, as CEO of Biolytica, he leads the charge in advancing personalized medicine. His tenure at the Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration and his role as a principal investigator in pivotal international studies showcase his profound impact on neurogenetics and -omics technologies. Arndt's extensive publication record underscores a career dedicated to breakthroughs in preventive medicine. Guided by a lifelong commitment to patient care, Arndt's ethos, “A life-long dedication to our patients,” is the compass that directs his daily endeavors.

Nina Ruge


Pathways to Healthy Longevity: Beyond Healthcare to Lifecare

Nina Ruge, a former teacher turned television personality, has become a leading expert in healthy longevity. Transitioning from a successful TV career, including prominent roles on ZDF's "heute journal" and "Leute heute," she now focuses on authoring works in cellular biology of aging. Her significant contributions include foundational books like "Aging Becomes Curable: Stay Young with the Power of Three Cellular Competencies" and "The Rejuvenation Plan." Ruge also engages audiences with her monthly column "Live Long & Healthy" and her podcast "Zwäg hoch Zwei – a Brief Podcast for a Long Life," discussing various aspects of healthy aging. Beyond her scientific pursuits, Ruge actively participates in social causes, serving as a UNICEF ambassador in Germany and supporting women's and environmental initiatives. Her dedication to social service has been recognized with prestigious awards like the Federal Cross of Merit and the Bavarian Order of Merit.

Dr. Lutz Graumann


Deciphering the Vitality Code: Data-Driven Strategies for Longevity and Peak Performance

Dr. Lutz Graumann is a renowned expert in sports medicine, nutritional medicine, and chirotherapy. Known for his innovative approach to individual performance enhancement, Dr. Graumann integrates sports and performance medicine with cutting-edge technology. His aim? To create data-driven, personalized strategies in nutrition, movement, recovery, and mindset for his clients and patients. An esteemed author, he’s also penned books on sleep and recovery, and serves as the President of the International Association of Performance Medicine. A trusted advisor to elite athletes, the military, and industry clients, Dr. Graumann is a thought-leader in applying tech and data to optimize health for longevity.

Prof. Dr. Jochen Werner


Innovating for the Future: Digital Health Personalization for Extended Healthspan

Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner epitomizes medical innovation as Medical Director and CEO of Universitätsklinikum Essen. A graduate from the University of Kiel, his esteemed career has focused on otolaryngology, with significant contributions to medical education and research. Prof. Werner has authored over 350 publications and is at the forefront of transforming healthcare through digitalization. He spearheads the Smart Hospital initiative at Essen, advocating for a digitally advanced healthcare system. Join him as he addresses "Innovating for the Future: Digital Health Personalization for Extended Healthspan," demonstrating his commitment to pioneering digital health strategies for improved longevity.